Success at ‘Round the Res’

20th May 2022

Huddersfield & Dewsbury Law Society held its first Round the Res event since 2019 on 19 May.  The event, organised by committee member SallyAnn Masih, is a 5km relay race for teams of 3 runners round a course at Scammonden Reservoir near Huddersfield or a walking race for teams of 3 over the same course.  We were defending champions in both disciplines having triumphed in 2019.

There were 2 running teams; the ‘A’ Team being Tom Jackson, Leo Jones-Rowe and Rob Overton and Team ‘B’ with Ethan Turner, SallyAnn and Suzy Overton.  The walking team, which looked strong on paper was Angela Cashin and Jim Staton.

The event was run on a very hot evening with teams from other local lawyers such as Ramsdens, Ridley & Hall, Chadwick Lawrence and Eaton Smith, accountants, estate agents and licensed conveyancers.

Team A carried off the prize for the fastest combined time with Tom coming home as the fastest runner of the night.  Team B put up a very good performance and Ethan also was a prize winner – for the slowest running time for all competitors.

The walking team fell victim to the underhand tactics of Emily Ibberson’s aunt who was leading the Simpson Wood (accountants) team. One of our walkers was lured into a rambling (literally) conversation allowing Martin Thornton (estate agents) and Eaton Smith to steal a march (pun intended) on our walking team which came home 3rd in 40 minutes.​​​​​​​

The event ended with a presentation of prizes at the nearby White Swan where excellent pies, peas and chips were served.

Well done to all involved.

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