Work experience

Gain valuable experience to help launch your career in law.

Want experience with a top law firm?

As a leading and award-winning name standing alongside national firms, we attract high-profile clients and a diverse mix of interesting work. We also have a friendly, supportive culture with a big emphasis on learning. Which all makes our firm a great place to get work experience you can use to push your career forwards.

We offer up to 12 work experience placements in total each year, and they can be held in our offices in Leeds, Bradford or Huddersfield. You’ll be based in, and work mainly with one department, and there are often opportunities to work with other teams too.

Placements last for a week and usually run sometime between the beginning of June and the end of September, but we can occasionally accommodate placements at other times.

Get a feel for working in law

Work experience with us lets you see what it’s like working in a top law firm, and it’s an excellent way to learn more about our firm specifically.

Show your commitment

It shows potential future employers that you’re serious about the profession and are proactive in developing your knowledge and skills.

Help us learn about you

We get an understanding of you, your ambitions and your strengths, which is useful if you apply for a training contract with us.

Meet our trainees

Our trainees are always willing to pass on their knowledge of working with us and tips for securing a training contract.

Get hands-on experience

Your placement will give you practical experience that you can use when applying for a training contract or support role.

Expand your network

You’ll meet all levels of fee earners during your time with us, giving you a good opportunity to expand your business network.

Who can apply?

If you’re in the second year of a degree course, or at a later stage in your education, we’d love to receive your application. Unfortunately, as our work experience placements are very popular, you can’t apply if you’re still at school or in the first year of a degree course.

When to apply

Although we do normally offer work experience opportunities to under-graduates and to graduates each summer, this programme is currently on-hold.

How to apply

To apply for a work experience placement with us, please visit our application portal where you’ll need to provide the following details:

  • A copy of your current CV.
  • Which of our offices you’d prefer your placement to take place in (we can’t always accommodate preferences but we take them into account).
  • Your availability between June and September (inclusive) in the year you’re applying for.

If you’d also like to apply for a training contract with us, this is a separate application process. Please see our page on training contracts for more details.

When will I hear?

We usually consider all applications for work experience at the same time in early March. If we’re able to offer you a placement, we’ll email you by the end of March.

“It is a friendly firm with experienced individuals to learn from.” Melissa Butler, paralegal
“Training at Schofield Sweeney has given me the opportunity to be involved in high value and complex work” Alex Aitken, solicitor


To apply, please visit our applications portal

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