A comprehensive approach from experts who consider your situation from every angle.

A well-rounded approach to taxes

We believe each tax situation needs to be considered in context. Inheritance tax planning, for example, can go wrong if other taxes such as capital gains or stamp duty aren’t taken into account. For this reason, we take time to consider the broader context, including tax reliefs and related taxes, before advising on the best approach for you personally.

Recognised tax experts

Clients based around the country turn to us for astute advice from renowned experts. Unusually for a firm of solicitors, our team includes a chartered tax adviser from the globally recognised Chartered Institute of Tax. He’s also a member of the Stamp Taxes Practitioners Group and writes a leading practitioners’ book on stamp duty land tax.

The knowledge to provide the right advice

Whatever support you need with taxes, we can help. First, we take time to fully understand your situation and consider whether to involve our experts in related areas, such as corporate or property law. Then we create the best team for your specific needs. By working collaboratively and looking at the various options and implications, we’re able to devise a pragmatic, beneficial approach for you.

Guidance for the UK and abroad

We not only collaborate with our colleagues but with a wide network of professional advisers across the country and abroad, including respected accountants, tax advisers and other solicitors. Wherever you’re based, we can provide the insight you need, which is particularly important if you have homes or interests abroad. We’re experienced in advising on tax residency and domicile laws and taking into account multiple sets of laws and jurisdictions.

What areas do we cover?

  • Capital gains tax
  • Share options
  • Stamp duty land tax
  • Taxation of trusts
  • Inheritance tax
  • Stamp duty
  • Tax residence and domicile

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