NHS volunteer responders

3rd August 2021

NHS Volunteer Responders are calling for people in West Yorkshire (particularly Bradford) to step forward and volunteer to help deliver the COVID-19 vaccination programme to millions across the country.

Stewards will guide people on site to make sure the vaccination process runs as safely and efficiently as possible. They will help ensure social distancing and identify people who need additional support.

A number of our team already volunteer in the region, including David Cowgill, pictured.

“Volunteering to help with the vaccinations was something I didn’t think twice about. I know how important it is and I wanted to help in any way I could. The vaccines are the light at the end of the tunnel so it was a no-brainer for me to sign up and try to do my bit. I have been absolutely blown away by the sheer dedication of both the training team and my fellow volunteers – particularly thinking back to the car park team standing out the rain and cold back in January and February this year!! It’s the best thing I’ve done in a while”

 If you would like to find out more information, please head to the website (www.nhsvolunteerresponders.org.uk). Volunteering can support your own wellbeing with proven benefits to both mental and physical health.

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