Increased national minimum and national living wage rates

23rd November 2023

From 1 April 2024, there will be the largest increase in cash terms to the National Minimum Wage and National Living wage, and those aged 21 and 22 will be entitled to the full minimum living wage for the first time.

The National Minimum Wage is the statutory minimum hourly wage rate for employees and workers for those aged 23 and under. Most employees and workers are entitled to the National Minimum Wage, including agency workers and those working under zero-hour contracts or casual agreements.

The National Living Wage is different to the National Minimum Wage as it is a statutory rate of pay for workers aged 23 and over which is higher than the National Minimum Wage. This is not to be confused with the Real Living Wage, which is a voluntary hourly rate based on the basic cost of living in the UK and is not a legal requirement.

The age threshold for the National Living Wage will fall to 21, meaning that, from 1 April 2024, workers aged 21 and over will be entitled to the National Living Wage which has increased to £11.44 an hour (a 9.8% increase).

As of 1 April 2024, the new minimum wage rates (per hour) are as follows:

21 and over – £11.44
18 – 20 – £8.60
16-17 and apprentices – £6.40

All employers must pay the statutory minimum regardless of their size.

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