Homelessness charity chosen by staff to support in 2021

24th February 2021

We have chosen West Yorkshire homelessness charity Simon on the Streets as our charity of the year to support throughout 2021.

As a firm we are committed to supporting the local community and each year we invite staff to put forward their ideas for the charity of the year. This year, homelessness and mental illness were popular choices and Simon on the Streets was selected as it offers street-based, emotional, and practical support for those who cannot access mainstream services.

Part of Simon on the Streets’ role is tackling the behavioural issues and mental illnesses that result in homelessness and addiction. The charity delivers outreach to those that are vulnerable in Bradford, Leeds and Kirklees.

“Schofield Sweeney is immensely excited to be partnering with Simon on the Streets once again. Ultimately this has been a decision taken by the whole staff. Everyone was given an opportunity to vote on our charity partner and Simon on the Streets was the overwhelming favourite. All of us are conscious of the terrible impact homelessness has on too many people in our communities. We are eager to play our part in helping this charity do its incredible work.” Richard Jobes, Partner, Schofield Sweeney

“At this time of year, it really hits you just how vulnerable those faced with sleeping rough are. Simon on the Streets does amazing and very challenging work. We’re looking forward to supporting their team and raising funds to enable them to continue helping those affected by homelessness and addiction.” Ann-Marie Keighley, Marketing Manager, Schofield Sweeney

“We’re delighted to have been chosen as Schofield Sweeney’s charity partner of the year throughout 2021. We rely entirely on the generous support from the public and businesses and we are thrilled to be working with the Schofield Sweeney team over this coming year as we navigate through one of the most challenging years to have faced our charity.” Natalie Moran, CEO, Simon on the Streets



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