£7,000 donated to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

1st February 2021

Outdoor spaces have been important to all of us recently. We have been delighted to donate £7,000 to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to help them during what has been such a challenging year.

“Protecting the local environment and ensuring wildlife is able to thrive as it should, is incredibly important to the firm. Over the last 12 months in particular it has brought it home how important outdoor space, wildlife and nature is to each of us. Whether on our own, or with our families, we all have our favourite Yorkshire Wildlife Trust spots to explore. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust team delivers fantastic work and provides an incredible educational resource, we were delighted to be able to support them though such a challenging period.” Ann-Marie Keighley, marketing manager, Schofield Sweeney.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust added: “We are amazed by the effort and commitment shown by everyone at Schofield Sweeney, who during the lockdown, coronavirus restrictions and working from home raised an incredible £7000 for us! We’re thrilled to be their charity of the year. Yorkshire is wilder and greener thanks to you!”

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