Helping you recover unpaid school fees

17th February 2021

A growing number of the bursars we work with at private and independent schools are telling us how the non-payment of fees is unfortunately on the increase at their school. 

Having unpaid debts can be stressful, time consuming and frustrating. We help to relieve the pressure and save you time, by guiding you through the process of recovering what is owed to you. Our comprehensive service covers debt recovery throughout the UK and sometimes overseas, focusing on securing the best result in the shortest timeframe.

We provide legal advice to a large number of clients in the education sector. Our debt recovery specialists can help you to resolve disputes, manage queries and always maintain momentum while keeping you fully informed of progress.

Whatever your situation, you’ll get advice tailored to your circumstances and always excellent value for money.

Our service includes pre-legal letters, usually sent on the day we receive your instruction and the issuing of legal proceedings. For the small proportion of cases that remain disputed or defended beyond that point, we usually agree a fixed fee with you to resolve the case.

Our services include:

  • Book debt/ledger collection
  • Debtor tracing & pre-sue reports
  • Civil recovery proceedings
  • Defended actions
  • Judgement and enforcement action
  • Letter before action
  • Overseas collections

If you need some support with recovering debts, help is at hand – get in touch.

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