Premises Licence granted for a new boutique hotel in York

27th June 2023

We recently represented an applicant for a Premises Licence in a hotly contested case before the York City Council Licensing Sub Committee at a live-streamed remote hearing.

The premises are a Grade II listed building dating back to 1864 in the Holgate Road area of York.  Once a hotel, it traded without a license until being purchased by an applicant who intends to run it as a high-quality boutique hotel offering 12 bedrooms, a small bar, a dining room and an outside dining area.

The applicant wanted to be able to supply alcohol for consumption on or off the premises to residents throughout the day, to non-residents from 08.00 to midnight each day and to provide late night refreshments from 11.00pm to midnight daily.

Objections from the community

Although the applicant met no objections from the police or other responsible authorities, there were a host of objections and representations made by local residents and a ward councillor.

Concerns expressed included noise in the quiet residential area, increased traffic, the encouragement of crime and disorder, the fact that there are a primary school and a nursery in the area, and the detrimental effect upon children the premises might have.  All this was said despite the fact that in the immediate vicinity of the premises there are a pub, an off- licence, an unlicensed hotel and 3 licensed hotels.

Licensing success 

At the hearing before the Licensing Sub Committee several of the objectors were represented by a barrister and 1 objector appeared in person.  Having heard the arguments and submissions put forward for the applicant, the barrister and the other objector, the Sub Committee granted the application but with some modified conditions. None of the modifications will cause the applicant difficulty in its mission to provide a high-quality boutique hotel and dining operation.

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