Responding to the Government’s latest planning announcement

2nd February 2021

Amanda Beresford, our planning expert, has responded to the Government’s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission report. So what does it mean for you?

According to the Government’s latest planning announcements, local communities will now be at the heart of plans to make sure that new developments in their area are beautiful and well-designed.

As part of the report, the government is proposing changes to the national planning policy framework which places greater emphasis on beauty and place-making and also publishes a draft national design code that provides a checklist of design principles to consider for new developments, such as street character, building type, façade, and the requirements that address wellbeing and environmental impact, which councils can use as a foundation for their own local design codes.

Commenting on the proposals, Amanda Beresford, our head of planning and chair of the planning group for West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Richard Jenrick’s proposal is that all developments must meet local standards of beauty, quality and design under new rules. Most would support the intention to achieve quality and good design in new property developments, however, the introduction of the concept of beauty into the planning system is novel and it will be interesting to see how such a subjective concept is interpreted.’’

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