Pub passports – what could this mean for your business?

9th April 2021

Have you thought about dealing with pub passports?

The divisive issue of ‘Covid status certificates’ aka ‘pub passports’ continues to make headline news as trials are set to be carried out at clubs, cinemas, and sports events over the coming weeks.

Although no final decisions have been made, those in the hospitality industry should consider what this could mean for their business.

Health and safety

Customers who are unwilling to comply with Covid-19 safety measures, such as presenting a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, or evidence of a recent negative test, may vent their frustration on front of house staff.

It is important to ensure that your staff are equipped to deal with these additional pressures and that appropriate measures are in place to keep them safe on the front line.


Additional pressures of checking vaccination certificates, monitoring social distancing, and policing wash facilities will all need to be considered. It may be that additional staff are required to ensure that all these areas are suitably policed.


There will be instances where customers cannot provide a Covid status certificate due to a health condition that prevents them from obtaining vaccinations or getting tested. This will undoubtedly raise questions regarding discrimination, and staff need to be prepared to deal with this appropriately.

There are a number of foreseeable scenarios that will require tact and diplomacy from staff. If a customer notices that another customer is displaying symptoms, or is not complying with social distancing rules, staff will need to defuse the tension, whilst ensuring the premises remains compliant and Covid-secure.

These situations are likely to arise at some point during the next few months, and your organisation needs to be prepared.

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