UK based landowner


Our client wanted to identify and develop income earning opportunities from their landIn particular they wanted our help to explore and develop the idea of using the land as a base for renewable energy sources.


Our solution

We helped to identify and connect with an energy developer who wanted to locate a wind turbine on the landTo an extent this was the easy bitThe challenges came in ensuring that our client not only achieved the desired income stream, but also that they remained protected.

Benefits delivered by us to our client:


Additional income



Protection for the landowner




  • Ensuring that the area for the wind turbine was properly delineated and that the location and connections did not adversely impact the owner’s land.
  • Provision for our client to buy and store energy from the scheme at a reduced cost.
  • If the project fails, the developer will cover our client’s costs. Should the development take longer, the developer will incur charges. Optional fee for an exclusivity agreement on the land. Provision for additional payments to the landowner if the developer sells the project.
  • Requirements preventing the developer trying to complete similar deals with nearby landowners.