Launched in 2019, the team initially required legal advice on structuring their start-up business. Due to the popularity of outbuildings during the pandemic, they experienced rapid growth from the start and soon outgrew their premises, generating interest from acquisitive companies which led to the sale of a stake in the business to BSW Group in 2022 


Our solution

To offer a comprehensive legal service to support their evolving needs 

Benefits delivered by us to our client:

Shareholder agreements



Relocation of premises



Mergers and acquisition



Ongoing legal and business support

  • We conducted thorough discussions and negotiations to ensure the agreements aligned with the company’s vision and objectives, while also mitigating potential conflicts that may arise in the future.
  • Facilitating a smooth transition, ensuring minimal disruptions to their operations and optimising cost-effectiveness. Advised on lease agreements, reviewing contracts, and negotiating favourable terms.
  • We played a vital role in negotiating the terms of the sale, conducting due diligence, and overseeing the transaction process. Safeguarding their long-term interests and maintaining a positive relationship with their partners.
  • Contract drafting and review, intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance, employment matters, and risk management. 

One of the fastest growing companies in the UK

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