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Multi-Academy Trusts

We advise extensively on the formation and operation of Multi Academy and Umbrella Trusts; on their acceptance and induction of new schools.

We have seen an increasing trend in the Academies market for schools to group together and form Multi Academy Trusts (MAT). 

A MAT can take a number of different forms, one example being a secondary school combined with a number of its feeder primary schools.  We have also advised MATs which have comprised solely of primary schools, who either do not want to convert as standalone Academies or feel that they would benefit from working more closely with another school.

MATs began as a mechanism for good or outstanding schools to support schools that required sponsorship and were being forced to convert.  It is also the structure adopted by a number of the chain academies as well as religious schools. 

However, it is noticeable that the Multi Academy Trust structure is now being utilised beyond the original brief.  It is proving to be an effective vehicle for good and outstanding schools to work alongside schools that need additional support in a more collaborative manner than perhaps traditional sponsorship arrangements.

We advise individual schools on the implications of joining a Multi Academy or Umbrella Trust.

There are critical areas where advice is required such as balancing the support, service delivery and supervision that it is incumbent on Multi Academy and Umbrella Trusts to provide; with the autonomy, individuality and budgetary independence of the schools who are members of such trusts.

Work we undertake includes:

  • Advising on the suitability and consequences of conversion through, Multi Academy and Umbrella Trusts for individual schools and the Trusts themselves
  • Consideration and advising on the issues regarding the constitution and operation of local governing/advisory bodies
  • Preparing and advising on schemes of delegation and reserved powers
  • Sharing of human and other resources and consequences including employment law issues

Read our Top Five Tips to achieving an Academy conversion as part of a Multi Academy Trust here.

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