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Mock Tribunal

14th November 2018

Schofield Sweeney's employment law team will give you the opportunity to watch and participate in a mock employment tribunal. You will have the chance to cross-examine witnesses and vote on whether an employee has been unfairly dismissed and/or discriminated against following her return to work from maternity leave.

The Tribunal
The case is a familiar one:
An employee has been dismissed. She claims it was because she was pregnant. Her ex-employer says it was because of her performance.

Over the course of three hours, the employment team will take you through a tribunal hearing comprising:
• Witnesses giving their evidence;
• Solicitors cross examining the witnesses;
• Your chance to ask questions of the witnesses;
• Closing submissions (legal arguments); and finally
• Your chance to determine the outcome.

The mock tribunal aims not only to show you how a tribunal hearing works in practice, but will show you how the procedures you follow as an employer impact on the final decision. It will also to give you the opportunity to pick up some tips about how to increase your chances of successfully defending claims.
This is your chance to help decide the verdict.

All paperwork will be provided in the day. All you need to do is turn up.

A tribunal you can actually enjoy rather than dread!

How to book:
Places are £35+vat per person. Just Teach and HELP subscribers receive up to two free places each.
Please email  to book your place. 

Please note that places are limited to a maximum of two per organisation.

About this event

14th November 2018

08:30:00 - 12:30:00

Northern Ballet, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7PA