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Top Tips - Achieving an Academy conversion as part of a Multi Academy Trust

The top five tips to achieving an Academy conversion as part of a multi academy trust are:

  1. Consider what are the objectives for grouping the schools together?  For example is it to improve the educational results of one of the schools or is to increase the strength in the religious ethos of the schools joining together.
  2. Consult with all relevant stakeholders as early as possible about the plans including governors, parents and staff.
  3. Make an application to the Department for Education for an Academy Order.  If one school is already an Academy Trust then they may need to submit a business case to the Education Funding Agency to become a multi academy trust.
  4. Discuss in detail what the governance arrangements of the multi academy trust will be.  Will there be a Local Governing Body for each school involved in the multi academy trust and if so what powers will be delegated to it within a scheme of delegation?
  5. Consider whether there will be a Chief Executive Officer or Executive Principal of the multi academy trust?  The Department for Education require there to be a single chief accounting officer in accordance with the Financial Handbook so discussions need to be held about who will take on these additional responsibilities.

How can we assist you?

Going through any change process can be a stressful and challenging time.  However, we have extensive experience of dealing with Academy conversions including both standalone and multi academy trusts.  We are happy to discuss how best we can help you and steer you through the process as smoothly as possible.

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